Kindergarten Number One

We offer a variety of activities that support the all-round development of our wards. With a wide range of educational activities, each child will find something for himself, developing his talents and interests.

Creative Preschool - Development Through Play and Learning

At Number One Preschool, we strive to provide children with the best conditions for effective learning and safe play. We actively participate in the cultural events of our neighborhood, and our intimate groups are under the constant supervision of two teachers, including a lead teacher and an English-speaking teacher.

Every month we organize at least one excursion and a visit from an interesting guest. In addition, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as sports, gymnastics, judo, dance, horseback riding lessons, swimming pool, and skiing lessons. All classes are conducted by experienced instructors who work well with children, helping them to develop all their passions and interests.

Our Strengths

Why You Should Choose Our Preschool:

Innovative Curriculum

In our kindergarten we follow a curriculum, recommended by the Ministry of Education, enriched with modern teaching methods.

We teach through play, using modern interactive equipment. We believe in every little person and want to make them always remember that they are a valuable person who can achieve anything, if only they want it and work on it.

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Kindergarten Number One