Gymnastics, swimming lessons and other sports activities for children

Children should spend as much time as possible moving. Ideally, of course, it should be outdoor movement.

Sports activities
all year round

At Number One Preschool, we believe that physical activity is crucial for the healthy development of children. Therefore, in addition to daily walks and outdoor play, we organize a variety of sports activities inside the kindergarten. This way, no matter what the weather is like, our little ones can enjoy movement and spend time actively. Among our activities are gymnastics, dance classes, judo, as well as swimming lessons and many other activities that develop gross motor skills and provide lots of fun.

Sports activities

Fun and development in one

Our sports activities are designed to develop children in diverse and engaging ways. Through them, children learn healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Here’s what we offer:

Daily gymnastics for healthy development

Educators conduct daily gymnastics. Regular exercise helps children control their bodies and play in a way that promotes correct posture. Gymnastics combines various positions and games that correct children’s posture and their awareness of avoiding harmful movement habits in a pleasant way. Preventing postural defects is a priority for us.

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