Learning English

Bilingual kindergarten means classes with qualified teaching staff, as well as English-speaking teachers.

Early English Language Learning

The earlier we start learning a foreign language, the greater the chance that we will speak fluently, flawlessly and with the right accent. The malleable and receptive brain of a child assimilates a foreign language effortlessly – before we know it, the toddler will be operating English as smoothly as his native language.

Learning English

Daily English classes are not only learning for the children, but also lots of fun and laughter.

Classes in our kindergarten are always a lot of fun and the discovery of new words and phrases.

Benefits of Native Speaker's Presence in Kindergarten

The presence of a native speaker in no way depresses the youngest children – for them, learning a foreign language is completely natural, they are not limited by the embarrassment of speaking in front of others.

A native speaker in a kindergarten has a lot of room for improvement. Working with young children requires creativity and flexibility, and the results are often very spectacular. It is worth starting to learn English as early as possible – then the world will be open to kids.

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