Psychologist and Logopedist

At Preschool Number One, children are cared for by a speech therapist and a psychologist who support their speech and emotional development on a daily basis.

Individual Care by Specialists

At our preschool, each child has access to individual care from a speech therapist and a psychologist. The speech therapist helps children overcome speech and articulation difficulties, while the psychologist supports both children and parents in the process of upbringing and socialization. Through daily contact with children, our specialists offer individualized and reliable assistance.

Psychologist and Logopedist

Our kindergarten provides comprehensive care by specialists, which brings numerous benefits to children and parents:

Complex Logopedic and Psychological Care

The presence of both specialists on site, is an ideal solution for parents, because it eliminates the need to seek private visits outside our facility. Both the speech therapist and psychologist know the children from their daily interactions, so their help is individualized and supported by reliable observations.

If your child needs the care of a specialist, or you are the one who would like to be supported by someone who knows their stuff, we welcome you to Preschool Number One. Our pupils and their parents can count on the support of competent and kind people, who care about the welfare of the child.

All activities our specialists agree with you. They offer not only meetings during classes, but also suggest how to act and support the toddler at home.

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