Performances and balls

In our kindergarten we regularly organize fancy dress balls and theatrical performances in which the main actors are children.

Developing Children's Talents and Creativity through Performances and Balls

These unique events allow children to impersonate various characters, develop their stage skills and imagination, and teach them to cooperate and play together. Thanks to such initiatives, toddlers have the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of their parents and peers, which has a positive impact on their social and emotional development.

Unique Performances and Costume Balls

Organized performances support the development of children

A theatrical performance in kindergarten is always a great experience for children. They get emotional about the fate of the characters and eagerly return to the story of the play they came to see. Number One Kindergarten often invites actors who specialize in preparing plays for the youngest to give children a chance to have fun.

Theater for children is always an opportunity for conversation. By talking about the fate of the characters and unusual events, children train their emotional intelligence and learn that the world is a bit more complicated than it seems.

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