Kindergarten framework daily schedule


Program of kindergarten activities.

7:00 – 8:30

Morning meeting of children in the room. Independent play, arranging open situations Didactic and educational, leaving children with the opportunity for choice and initiative. Inspiring spontaneous play activities.

8:30 – 9:00

Movement games to integrate the whole group. Morning gymnastics. Developing habits of personal hygiene.


Breakfast. Learning and implementing the rules of good manners during a meal. Cultural behavior at the table, taking care of health.


Teaching activities as part of the implementation of the preschool curriculum with the whole group. Organizing an environment that inspires undertaking thematic, didactic games, research and movement games. Supporting creative activities during children's contact with art and literature.


Organizing games and creative, movement, stimulating children's development activities. Activities in Polish and English. Organizing educational conditions stimulating comprehensive development of the child through participation in additional classes conducted by specialists.


II BREAKFAST. Learning and implementing the rules of good manners during the meal. Cultural Behavior at the table, taking care of health. Perfecting self-service activities in the checkroom.


Outdoor time. Independent play - creating conditions that allow Children to take the initiative to play, play on field equipment, observation of nature, walking Teaching the rules of conduct determining the safety of the child in the building, in the garden and outside the kindergarten premises. Using and creating opportunities to learn about natural reality. Motor games organized by the whole group - selection of activities depending on the weather and the season.


Organized play - activities proposed by the teacher. Acquisition of skills through action, creating learning situations that stimulate comprehensive development of the child. Activities in Polish and English.


Housekeeping activities, meal preparation, hygiene and self-service activities.


LUNCH Learning and implementing the rules of good manners during a meal. On acquiring proficiency in the use of cutlery.


Relaxation, a time of calm and rest. Children who are awake can listen to a story being read, an audio book or relaxing music in an extinguished and calmed room.

15:00 – 15:30

SUSPENSION + MORNING Learning and implementing the rules of good manners during a meal. Acquiring proficiency in the use of cutlery.


Activities in English

16:00 – 18:00

Organizing a variety of games as a stimulant for the development of the child's activity in the room or in the Garden, cleaning works. Initiating conversations with children on topics close to them. Individual and didactic and compensatory work in the room. Working with a gifted child. Saying goodbye to the children.

Additional Activities.

At least once a month, we organize special outings for our children and invite interesting guests. As part of these activities, children can visit the theater, the fire station, or the botanical garden of PAN. We also regularly invite guests to the kindergarten, such as military policemen, sailors, doctors, theater actors, or soap-making workshops. Every month we strive for new, original activities that will broaden the horizons of our charges, providing them with unforgettable experiences and developing their interests. These additional activities are in addition to regular activities such as swimming pool, horseback riding and skiing lessons.